Marie Fuller

“A little bit of everything….”

I love what I do and who I work with. I consider myself very lucky to work in this industry. Interiors PR is evolving fast and so of course must we! I love the fast pace and ever changing media landscape of this arena and despite the fact I have been working in this field for many more years than I like to admit, it reinvents itself all the time so every day feels like a new beginning.


Stuart Robinson

“a lot of pr….”

I am the only male in the team here at Simpler PR! I graduated from Birmingham City University with a BA (hons) in Media and Communication (Journalism) before moving across to the dark side and the crazy world of PR. I have extensive knowledge of both B2C and B2B clients. When not working, I love watching films, x box and cooking!



Claire Sadler

“tons of pr and lots of social media…..”

I spend the day tooting the trumpets of clever Interior brands who are too busy making beautifully designed products to have the puff to do it themselves….  And I love it!


Emily Revell

“loads of pr,,,,”

I come from a background in features writing. In my spare time I love sunshine,  photography, and cooking – where possible all combined – but not much of that at the moment as I am busy renovating a newly purchased property in Norwich. Working with beautiful Interior products is certainly inspiring the design of my new home.


Anna Cushing

“oodles of SOCIAL MEDIA….”

I love all things social – sourcing gorgeous Interior pics for Pinterest, creating stunning images for the “gram”, posting compelling material for Facebook and Twitter and I like to do it all with with a smile and a winning strategy. When I am not creating magic for Simpler PR you will find me delving into the depths of Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare!


Marietta Longley


I joined Simpler PR back in 2016 from a background of music PR. I love interiors and the brands we represent, it gives me so much scope for creativity and trying something different. When I am not in the office I enjoy decorating my home, travelling (lots of places still to tick off!) and walking our lovely Greyhound, Sukie.


Emily Butler

“mostly design….”

Known as the style queen of the office! I’m a creative (graduating from NUA) with a love of everything in the interiors world. When I’m not styling or creating magic, I love travelling, exploring, swimming and shopping – not necessarily in that order!




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