This summer has already been an amazing season for sport. We have particularly seen some monumental achievements in women’s sports, the England football team came third in the World Cup and Serena Williams now holds all four Gram slam tennis titles at the same time. All aside from our very own Marie hitting her heart out at the school ‘Parents and Children Rounders Tournament’!

The woman’s football team have done better at this year’s world cup than the men have done since 1990. Despite this there are still some doubts as to whether the public, and the media, are taking women’s football seriously. In a major PR blunder The FA, on the England twitter account, said that now the team have returned home they can ‘go back to being Mothers, partners and daughters.’ The tweet which went out to their 1.2 million followers was later deleted after many took to their keyboards in outrage at the outdated and arguably sexist remark. This is a great example of how even the best intentions can be misconstrued and as a result the FA were keen to get across that they were trying to promote that it should not be forgotten that all women are multi-tasking super heroes – a statement that we here at Simpler believe in!

In addition this year Serena Williams won her 21st Grand Slam title. To date, she is the only tennis player, female or male, to have won singles titles at least six times in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Serena Williams is without a doubt one the greatest tennis players of all time, yet when you read the press you would be forgiven for thinking she might be the underdog. From her background to her body and hair styles Serena is constantly under scrutiny and battling criticism. Despite this she is unapologetically a winner and hopefully one day her talent will transcend into the iconic sporting status that is truly deserved. Until that day we may have to continue to see her in the ‘who wears it worst’ column of the tabloids, and who despite beating her rival Maria Sharapova 17 consecutive times earnt almost $10 million dollars less in sponsorship between June 2014 and June 2015 (Forbes).

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