Rolling reddish dunes, high blue skies, ossified tree trunks and the slowly corroding carcasses of stranded shipwrecks typify Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.  The remote Atlantic headland is smothered with colossal, shape shifting ridges, inhospitable coastlines and rugged mountain ranges; it is a harsh and lunar landscape of staggering proportions – one of the few places on the planet where near-total desolation manifests with such exquisite beauty.

This sense of tranquillity and stillness is easily replicated in the home with soft driftwood tones aligned alongside industrial textures and warm earthy hues. Place emphasis upon aged design, traditional craftsmanship and subtle decoration for a serene look.


Skeleton Coast

Skeleton products

  1. Ombre Quilted Cushion, £45 – The French Bedroom Company
  2. Shadow Bulb Pendant Light, £99 – The French Bedroom Company
  3. Geometric Luxe Throw, £99 – The French Bedroom Company
  4. Dolly Chair, from £1250 – Natuzzi Italia
  5. Pool Glass Sculpture, from £1050 – Natuzzi Italia
  6. Cayenne Table Lamp, £120 – Dar Lighting
  7. Bali Coffee Table in Solid Mango Wood, £289 – Atkin and Thyme