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A clean aesthetic: Musing over the Scandinavian appreciation for raw materials, light and white.

Scandinavian chic is much vaunted the world over, with form and function taking precedent over the garish, opulent interiors of the eighties. Perhaps this reflects modern life, in that we live in a technological tumult and are pummelled by excessive colour and byzantine visuals, constantly. Clean and simple design is soothing, perpetually classic and yet it is assertive. In essence, Scandinavian design’s primary focus is to enhance and facilitate daily life through aesthetically pleasing objects, that are accessible to all. The nineties bore a renassiance for Scandinavian design; traditional approaches such as intricate hand craftsmanship, perfect functionality and a democratic […]

A Five-Step Guide to Parisian Panache

Aside from their enviable wardrobes, comely architecture and piquant food, Parisians also have an innate knowledge of interior decoration. Yet another reason to be covetous! Their favoured interior style is a fusion of the old and new, traditional facades are offset by contemporary designs with rich velveteen accents aplenty. Follow our five-step guide for that sur la tendance urban glamour look… Keep walls white. White walls maximise light and act as a blank canvas for a mismatch of styles. Mix old styles with new. Create a distinctive and eclectic space by coupling old, ornate pieces with modern works of art. […]

London Focus.1 – Notting Hill

Parisians have long been revered for their impeccably insouciant lifestyles. From their iconic fashion to the delectable food, our French cousins have always retained an unflappable and enviable panache for style. Though anything the French can do, we Brits will almost certainly give as good as we get! Notting Hill is the British answer to the Parisian Montmartre, some might say.  The bohemian and eclectic vibe is entwined with the way of life here, as thousands flock to soak up some of that sui generis atmosphere every year. The notable Portobello Road is the perfect place for a spot of […]

Eastern Promises: Exploring Middle Eastern geometric pattern play

  Kaleidoscopic Arabesque motifs typify Middle Eastern decoration, from the Moorish presentation of rich, vibrant colour to the elaborate Timurid tileworks. Intricate polychromatic patterns form wonderfully interwoven grids that captivate and inspire across all forms of Middle Eastern design. The stark geometric influence reflects the Islamic belief that life is ordered by a cosmic intelligence. The rhythmic, linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing elements are repeated seamlessly, certainly alluding to an omnipotent, cyclic movement. Assimilated and built upon across vast periods of time, Middle Eastern style has extradordinary consistency and variety, all at once. Many belief Arabesque to be the […]