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Lets get nauti-cal

Sandy dunes, fresh sea air, waves crashing against the shore and cries of gulls epitomise the coast. Reminiscing of coastal holidays, the seaside has long presented itself as a classic inspiration for any interior. A strong trend that returns year on year, drawn from classic seaside scenes, the key to success with the nautical trend is all in the detail. From whitewashed furniture, breezy stripes to natural textures which are classically timeless and never date. Go bold by sticking to classic motifs such as anchors and shells or bring a subtle coastal feel to a room, with calming blues and […]

In the nude: Tawny, sun-kissed beige is this summer’s chicest shade

The new neutral is sensual, subtle, sophisticated but never saccharine – muted tones such as grey, taupe and tan are this season’s staple. Couple industrial styled accessories with elegant, quilted textures to create a soothing golden space that is beautifully balanced. When lacking obvious colour, textural contrasts and subtle design elements such as supple leather, opulent polished metal and cast iron will make the space interesting.       Alhambra Contemporary Ceiling Light in Ivory, £99 – Atkin and Thyme Vortex White Metal Mirror, £159 – Atkin and Thyme Industrial Crank Side Table, £249 – Atkin and Thyme Philo Sofa, […]

A twist on tradition – Colour pop interiors

In a stylish clash of the contemporary and the classic, heritage looks are being treated to a modern update via dazzling hues and variegated textures.  The time honoured Chesterfield has been reimagined by Delcor – their Pavilion sofa, finished in deep, lustrous cerulean blue velvet is impactful and sleek. Bold and colourful furniture acts as a simple starting point – it inspires the direction for the rest of the room so that you don’t have to pick up a paintbrush. The dusty pastels of Impressionist style paintings, the calamine cool of the Fifties and phosphorescent fluoros can all be used […]

On an otherworldly horizon: Bring the Skeleton Coast’s quiet beauty into your home.

Rolling reddish dunes, high blue skies, ossified tree trunks and the slowly corroding carcasses of stranded shipwrecks typify Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.  The remote Atlantic headland is smothered with colossal, shape shifting ridges, inhospitable coastlines and rugged mountain ranges; it is a harsh and lunar landscape of staggering proportions – one of the few places on the planet where near-total desolation manifests with such exquisite beauty. This sense of tranquillity and stillness is easily replicated in the home with soft driftwood tones aligned alongside industrial textures and warm earthy hues. Place emphasis upon aged design, traditional craftsmanship and subtle decoration for […]