A few thoughts and ponderings from the Simpler PR team that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves…

Political post-mortem

The polling stations have long since closed as the country returns to normal following an unpredictable and surprising General Election. At Simpler PR we are now turning an analytical eye to the pre-election social media campaigns. 2015 was dubbed the ‘first social media election’, and as avid and (we hope!) proficient users of social media, we know it can be effective. From building an identity from scratch, to transforming the hardly-known into a household name, we appreciate that the fast-paced nature of social media makes it indispensable. Used well, it can engage and galvanise, but when small misjudgements and unfortunate […]

A PR princess or a Queen-forever-waiting?

A quick Google search asking the question, ‘Should Camilla become Queen?’ returns many recent news articles.  Opinions from across the globe gather on screen to weigh up her merits and flaws. Camilla Parker Bowles has always faced a considerable challenge when it comes to swaying public opinion in her favour. Younger generation of Royalists swept up by the ‘Kate and Wills’ fairy tale and the adorable chubby cheeks of Prince George certainly don’t give her a helping hand! A poll conducted by the Daily Mail on 10th April revealed that 55% of the population believe Camilla should not become Queen […]

Celebrating International Colour Day- 21st March

Whilst the wheel is still widely considered to be one of man’s greatest inventions and technological advances bring us new and exciting gadgets weekly, one of the most incredible phenomena known to man is one that many of us take for granted every day: colour. Colour affects the way we perceive the world, from our early evolutionary instincts to understand what would benefit us and what may cause us harm, to the modern world of eye-catching adverts in bold and brash colours. Imagining a world in black and white is a dull prospect, which is why we think International Colour […]

Stop and smell the roses!

Although the current weather may not be showing it off to its best advantage, the UK is home to a brilliant and diverse range of architecture, and we think it’s important to stop and appreciate it every now and again. One of the most celebrated British architects of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is Charles Rennie Macintosh. Beginning on 18th February at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London, there is an exhibition showcasing his original drawings, watercolours and perspectives spanning the whole of his career. Rennie Macintosh was integral to the Art Nouveau movement, a “total” style […]