A few thoughts and ponderings from the Simpler PR team that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves…

The Winner Takes it all!

We are very excited here at Simpler PR after a  glamorous evening spent at The House Beautiful Awards 2010 last night. Our lovely bedroom furniture client, Raines & Willow, won the Silver Award for Best Furniture Range. It’s easy to say “it’s the not the winning that counts but the taking part that counts”, but  I would be lying…Of course it’s the winning that matters! Sara (founder of Raines & Willow) is very talented and entrepreuneral and launched R & W in February this year. To win such a prestigious award in the first year is very impressive and we are proud to […]


Last week my husband and my two children (8 and 5) attempted (and succeeded!) to climb Mount Snowdon. The experience certainly wasn’t easy, or necessarily to be recommended, but the sense of achivement was massive! 5 hours of walking, encouraging, guiding, even pushing (and eventually carrying) my little girl was certainly exhausting but I will never forget the look of wonder on my her face, and that of her big brother, when we almost fell into the cafe at the top! We had made it!! The experience is unforgettable. It reminded me how life often seems challenging and it often […]

Good News is good news!

I can’t be alone in feeling totally in awe of the amazing rescue operation of the Chilean miners this week. How truly heart warming it is to be watching such human happiness as the miners become reunited with their families. The bravery, resource and intelligence of the rescuers, advisers and the miners has been uplifting. Working in PR we often need to create a story where there really isn’t one, and sadly in this business the harsh commercial reality is that publishers often need to make a story out of human misery. How refreshing then that today we can rejoice in a […]

Between the Sheets! The very finest bed linen sets and towels direct to the consumer

The Best Bed Linen in the World (www.thebestbedlinenintheworld.com) is a new and exciting online proposition – specialising in selling the very finest bed linen sets and towels direct to the consumer. Using only the finest materials and processes, The Best Bed Linen in the World was born from the success of its parent company, Trade Linens. This market leading linens supplier has been working with the top hotels of the world, including The Dorchester, Lanesborough, Landmark (London) and Jumeirah and Emirates Palace (Dubai) and the celebrity fave, W Hotel (The Maldives) for over 20 years. The demands of Five Star […]