A few thoughts and ponderings from the Simpler PR team that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves…

Valentine’s releases from some of our lovely clients….

“Love your home!” Simpler PR is delighted to present some or their client’s fantastic interior ideas for Valentine’s Day….. “Shower Your Valentine With Merlyn Magic!” This 14th February run your Valentine a steaming hot shower.  One shower enclosure that oozes romantic charm is Merlyn Showering’s seductive Series 10 Sliding Door with smoked black glass. It has the alluring appeal of the dark tinted glass offering subtle privacy yet the enclosure is undeniably big enough for two. www.merlyn-showering.com “For Sweethearts, old and young… ASPACE has a wide range of imaginative bedroom accessories that will remind children they’re loved all year round, […]

Snow Idea!

  We weren’t so lucky avoiding the snow this time…the second load to fall in December was right on target; covering Chesham and the surrounding Chilterns like a Christmas cake, topped with Royal White Icing!  ‘Leafy Bucks’ is now affectionately known locally as “No more snow please!” However, something rather exciting to come out of this almighty cold snap is that it has put Chesham on the map!  The BBC came out to our modest high street on Monday to report the lowest temperature recorded in the UK at the weekend…  The Met Office verified a temperature of -19.6C in […]

Winter Warmer

“The Most Expensive Duvet in the World!” With temperatures plummeting below freezing and energy bills soaring, The Best Bed Linen in the World has created the ultimate duvet to keep you warm all night long… and make central heating redundant! Manufactured in Germany and filled with 100% pure Eider Down, the brand new duvet – aptly named, “The Most Expensive Duvet in the World” – has astounding thermal insulation; irrefutably perfect for sub zero temperatures. The Eider is a protected bird that lives on the bitterly cold Northern Atlantic Ocean.   Harvesting of the down is a highly regulated process. Within […]

Snow business!

Has been a very hectic week so far, and luckily have managed to avoid the snow. Business as usual here at Simpler PR! One of the querks of working with the media is that we are always working so far in advance. Have just issued press releases for the Spring and Summer. Weird! Still I suppose it’s quite warming to write something about the summer when we are freezing! As always a reminder of how fast time goes and how we need to try to enjoy and savour every moment. I’m certainly trying to…. hope you can too.