A few thoughts and ponderings from the Simpler PR team that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves…

Caption Competition!

Alaina and Marie had a fab time at Ascot – as you can see by the picture Alaina was a very lucky lady! Please suggest a witty caption and the winner will receive a lovely Simpler PR mug!!! Please visit us on Facebook to enter… http://on.fb.me/qokGFJ … ‘LIKE’ us and add your caption into the comment box! Good luck!

If a job’s worth doing….?!!

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh” shrieked my little girl last night after I’d trimmed her fringe, ” I’m bald!!” . Poor little girl, only just turned 6 and her scissor happy mum had hacked her gorgeous curls off. Luckily she’s not overly vain and seemed to accept that her hair would grow back. After the guilt had lessened I begun thinking how we often think we can do things better ourselves when really we should use an expert. I am not and never have been (or very unlikely ever to be!) a hairdresser so why did I think I could cut hair? I’ve learnt […]

Sleep Easy for Sweet Success!

One of our lovely clients here at Simpler PR has some great advice for those taking exams in the next few weeks How to get the best sleep ahead of exams! We all get a bit anxious and stressed during exam season; worried that we’ll suffer with a mind-block in the exam and not remember any of the facts and figures we’ve crammed into our brains over the last few weeks…!  However, results show that one of the best ways to help you become a ‘human sponge’ and retain more information is to have a good night’s sleep. Sleep is […]

Royal Wedding!

Well, less than 24 hours to go now and countdown to “the” wedding begins in earnest…. in spite of myself I find I am quite excited if not even a little emotional about the event. I am planning to take my two lovely children in to London to try to catch a glimpse of the happy couple and hopefully drench up the happy atmosphere. My little girl is particularly excited at the prospect of seeing a real life princess! The amazing hype and media frenzy around the wedding has got me thinking about how we love to celebrate happiness, and […]