A few thoughts and ponderings from the Simpler PR team that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves…

Living for the moment…..

The other day I was with my little girl and her friend, they looked so cute as they walked ahead of me swinging their shoppping bags that I had to capture the moment on camera… so out comes the iphone and click… done. Of course we all do this, all the time. However, it got me thinking – why not just enjoy the moment for what it is? Don’t worry about making a digital record, just store the image in your mind. Sometimes we are too busy taking pictures, texting pictures, updating facebook, tweeting, downloading emails, taking calls etc etc that […]

Autumn Interior Trends

It may be New York Fashion week  but the UK will be buzzing over the next couple of weeks with Decorex, 100% Design, Tent etc etc… We love working in Interiors PR and are lucky enough to have some really trend-setting clients. Check out our new Trend Watch below… Trend Watch – Button up! 2011 has seen huge demand for modern adaptations on traditional styled furniture…and this classic-contemporary style looks here to stay!  Vintage cool is big news. There is growing interest in buying statement pieces for the home; with many people customising old furniture with new, stylish fabrics and details. […]

“Social” life!!!

I love the whole Social Media (“social”) scene, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube make the world a more interesting place…. as a full service lifestyle PR agency we embrace the communication platforms that these mediums offer and delight in seeing our clients‘ profits soar from the customer stream they offer. However, these platforms are never a substitute for personal one-to-one communication. Let’s not forget how to pick up the phone, draft a personal email or even meet up! No man is an island and even as we are surrounded by a sea of  Facebook postings and Tweets life can be lonely. Sometimes we need some […]


I have begun to realise that life is all about contrasts. Good and Bad, Wet and Dry, Sunny and Dull, Happy and Sad etc etc. We recently returned from holiday in Cornwall where we enjoyed some gorgeous, balmy days on the beach and some very cold, wet days trying to come up with interesting activities for 2 excited children! I have realised how very contrasting are the levels of customer service these days. Over recent weeks I have experienced the very best and the very worst in b2c service and care. It seems that as long as we part with our money (in the short […]