In a stylish clash of the contemporary and the classic, heritage looks are being treated to a modern update via dazzling hues and variegated textures.  The time honoured Chesterfield has been reimagined by Delcor – their Pavilion sofa, finished in deep, lustrous cerulean blue velvet is impactful and sleek. Bold and colourful furniture acts as a simple starting point – it inspires the direction for the rest of the room so that you don’t have to pick up a paintbrush. The dusty pastels of Impressionist style paintings, the calamine cool of the Fifties and phosphorescent fluoros can all be used to create a room set that is full of vibrancy.  Choose eclectic and colourful statement accessories to ensure a lively and energetic mood.

Colour Pop


Colour pop products



  1. Defaced Duchess, from £183 – The French Bedroom Company
  2. White Wooden Beaded Chandelier, £120 – The French Bedroom Company
  3. My Yellow Deer Head, £45 – The French Bedroom Company
  4. Miami Pink Table Lamp, £199 – The French Bedroom Company
  5. Pink Ombre Silk Cushion, £52 – The French Bedroom Company
  6. Hexagon Hive Side Table, £295 – The French Bedroom Company
  7. Pavilion Sofa, from £2120 – Delcor