Aside from their enviable wardrobes, comely architecture and piquant food, Parisians also have an innate knowledge of interior decoration. Yet another reason to be covetous! Their favoured interior style is a fusion of the old and new, traditional facades are offset by contemporary designs with rich velveteen accents aplenty. Follow our five-step guide for that sur la tendance urban glamour look…

  1. Keep walls white. White walls maximise light and act as a blank canvas for a mismatch of styles.
  2. Mix old styles with new. Create a distinctive and eclectic space by coupling old, ornate pieces with modern works of art. Pile contemporary coffee table books high upon an antiquated table.
  3. Hang a chandelier. This may be an obvious point, but nothing really portarys Parisian grandeur like a chandelier does. The French Bedroom Company has an exquiste range here.
  4. Go in search of vintage. Paris is famous for its brocantes (flea markets). They pop up in each arrondissement every weekend, lining the streets for passersby to discover untapped treasures. Parisians are forever scouting for that unique piece that pulls together a look. When choosing curiosities for your own home, do spend time scouring online vintage sources or at your local antiques market. Parisians find beauty in individual pieces that are one of a kind.
  5. Invest in a statement rug. A bold rug will detract from those stark white walls and will provide a cosy centrepiece.

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