Scandinavian chic is much vaunted the world over, with form and function taking precedent over the garish, opulent interiors of the eighties. Perhaps this reflects modern life, in that we live in a technological tumult and are pummelled by excessive colour and byzantine visuals, constantly. Clean and simple design is soothing, perpetually classic and yet it is assertive. In essence, Scandinavian design’s primary focus is to enhance and facilitate daily life through aesthetically pleasing objects, that are accessible to all.

The nineties bore a renassiance for Scandinavian design; traditional approaches such as intricate hand craftsmanship, perfect functionality and a democratic unity of shapes were combined with a tendency to treat objects as individual units of design.

To get this look in the home, amalgam the neutral and the natural with sleek modern shapes and lots of light. A palette of cool, crisp slate grey mixed with hints of  copper and tan will instantly provide that Nordic touch.


Scandi 2