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the Wow Factor(y!)

Building brands and growing businesses…..

At Simpler PR we know the best way to ensure our clients are noticed is by communicating effectively with the people who matter; meeting, phoning, emailing and even tweeting with journalists – every day.

Our clients have entrusted us with their hard won marketing spend and deserve a healthy return on their investment.

As a specialist home interest PR, lifestyle PR and interiors PR agency; we pride ourselves on our proven creativity, the ability to be utterly ingenious and work with our clients to create effective
results – whether this is print, radio, TV, online or social media. We have a particular knowledge and enjoy great success in PR'ing on-line interiors companies.

If you're looking to retain a PR company for the first time, are ready for a change or just want to find out more please contact us on 01494 793501

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